Akira Uchida
内田 輝Akira Uchida
サックス奏者として活動後、ピアノ調律を吉田哲氏に師事。音の調律から観る様々な音との対話方法を伝える『音のワークショップ』を開催。楽器製作家、安達正浩氏の教えのもと、14世紀に考案されたクラヴィーコード (鍵盤楽器) を製作。自ら楽器を作り、音を調律し、音楽家であること。この流れを大事にして世界を観たいと思っている。
After worked as a saxophonist for several years, learned piano tuning under Mr. Satoshi Yoshida. Planning and holding "Sound workshop" which is to introduce how to interact with various sounds from the viewpoint of sound turning.
While learning from Mr. Masahiro Adachi, instrumental producer, started to create Clavichord (keyboard instrument), invented in the 14th century.
"Making instruments, Tuning sounds, Being a musician"
This flow is essential for me to see the world.
Feature : sax / piano / clavichord / piano tuning / instrumentmake
  • クラヴィーコード製作Clavichord making


    先人達の積み重ねて来た失敗と成功が、時を経て叡智となり今の音楽が存在しているのは 揺るがない史実だと思います。敬意と感謝を込めて、少しでも彼らが歩んで来た道を体感 しておきたい。そんな気持ちでクラヴィーコードを製作しています。

    The numbers of failures and successes of the predecessors have become wisdom over time. That is the cornerstone, and it made up the present music. I believe in it, and it is a historical fact.
    I want to experience the road they have walked. With such respect and appreciation, I am making Clavichord.

  • 音の調律Sound tuning

    piano tuning


    In studying tuning, I recognized again that the sound is phenomenon of aerial vibration. Feeling the sound generated under the laws of nature. Finding the visualization of the principle of sound. These experiences brought me a huge impact and change my sense in music.

    Through tuning, we can encounter the true appearance of the sound we have named so far. Sound tuning is a great tool for everyone to experience the truth of nature, I believe.

  • 演 奏Performance



    When playing, I accept and listen to all the sounds flowing around, such as the everyday-sounds and the sound of co-stars. Points to care about are various by each instrument, such as clavichord, piano, saxophone. However, every sound I play is flowing into myself, and I always want to be true to its ringing.